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A BIT ‘OF TeppanKenta

I want Teppan Kenta to be...
Kenta Taniguchi People would say with smile and they say "Well, we came here again!" I wish Teppan Kenta to be a place where everyone would come back naturally. They don't have to plan to come. When people think about where to go, at the end, they'd came back to Teppan Kenta. It means they love here, isn't it? Its atmosphere, ambiance, something and everything. Teppan Kenta is a comfortable gathering place for everyone. Your family, friends, and loved ones naturally come all together talking their stories and dreams. That's is the place I want to create. I want that place to be Teppan Kenta.

We are here!

  • 24 wellesley St w Toronto
  • 647-345-0905
  • info@teppankenta.com